TDG AD – Say it in Print

TDG AD – Say it in Print

Mass Transit Magazines June 2013 issue is out. The new TDG Transit Design Group Ad created at Aim Media in Brampton is featured on page 41 of the issue. The message conveyed in the Ad was to announce TDG Transit Design Group’s acquisition of Lexekon Electronics and the pivotal role this plays in the full service LED lighting solutions TDG offers its customer base. Say it in print with No tricks, just clean creative and Graphic Design.

For the Ad, we coined the word  “Illumivation” and the definition “innovation, illumination, lighting so custom, so bright, so efficient, safe, powerful, yet clean” to summarize everything that TDG does in the confines of a quarter page.  We then set the message clear that Lexekon is now a division of TDG and the relationship between them.


TDG is the leader in building complete lighting systems for locomotive and rail passenger vehicles, inside and out. This includes light rail (of which subway is a part) and commuter rail.  They specialize in LED innovations, continually introducing new technology which then becomes the industry norm. Carrying a full line of LED, fluorescent and halogen lighting, TDG continues to be the industry leader in capacitive storage technology for evacuation and emergency LED lighting. Everything is custom engineered for an easy installation, fast recharging, long product life, and continued operation in the worst situations possible.

Click here to see the Digital version of Mass Transits June 2013 issue.


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