Kobu Coconut Water

Kobu Coconut Water

Well its finally here! The official launch of Kobu Coconut Water is just around the corner. The results and feedback we have been getting have been nothing but positive. The simplicity of the package design appeals to a larger target market then most of the competitor brands you may already be familiar with. This drink has nothing added, no sugar, not from concentrate (like some of the others), its completely natural, the way nature intended it to be. You won’t find watered down concentrated, overpriced syrup here with claims that its natural coconut water, because Kobu is 100% straight from the coconut. Its made for those with an active lifestyle and those who make their health a priority. Its the perfect alternative to coloured sports drinks that have saturated the market for years. The launch of Kobu Coconut Water’s website will arrive shortly before the product starts to hit the shelves. Updates of where you can BUY Kobu and events of where you can TRY Kobu will be listed both here and on the official Kobu website.


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