8 Questions that will help you establish your Brand

8 Questions that will help you establish your Brand

For Starters, Your Logo is not your Brand…yet. It’s a representation. To define your brand, you need to dig deep and establish who it is. Brand identity isn’t just pretty design, it’s everything else that people see and experience with it. Your logo is simply a recognition by association of your brand identity. You truly are creating a new persona. So make sure when you are defining your Brands DNA, it’s a persona you, your employees and target customers will actually like and stand behind. Do this before you get started with all the fun and exciting stuff, like your website, logo, stationary, etc. Take the time to really figure out who your brand is and what it stands for. This will be your guiding light for everything that follows.

1. What perception does your brand want to “own” in the minds of your market?
It’s all about Mindshare. When you think Fun, Magical, and Entertainment, first thing that comes to mind for most people is Disney. On-time overnight delivery?  FedEx. These companies have captured the Mindshare through processes, behavioral expectations and rituals.  Because of this, their employees have a clear vision to deliver on their brand and desired perception. You don’t need to be the most prominent brand. You only need to take control of your Brands perception.

2. What is your Brands Persona?

If your brand could speak, what would it say? How would it behave? What would it look like? Is it Bold? Is it Elegant? Is it to strange to live but to rare to die? Or customer-centric and transparent?
Think about how you could package your style into a distinctive brand experience on a multi-sensory, physical, emotional, intellectual and even spiritual level for your employees and customers.

3. What are the core values of your brand?

These are the elements that define your brands behaviour and business practices. What is important to your brand and what gives meaning to the intentions and existence of your brand. Successful brands will continuously refer to their core values to drive their actions.

4. What are the unique differentiators that help create and leverage your brands advantage?

What makes you stand out and sets you apart from your competitors? Is it a difference in the product? For example the quality, or source of your product. Maybe you have a unique solution, or proprietary process. Whatever it is, let it be known.

5. What standards of excellence will your Brand adhere to?

Brands that can clearly define their standards significantly increase their ability to deliver on goals and strategies.

6. How will your brand reinforce who you in the minds of your employees and customers?

By delivering a consistent brand experience you can reaffirm the perception and behaviour of your employees and customers. Recognizing and allowing ownership of recognition can go a long way.

7. Does your brand have a strong point of view?

The key to a loyal fan base is become known for that something special. Do you stand for something different or special? What is it?

8. What is your BRAND PROMISE?

Your Brand promise is the expectation you set for your product, service or brand. It’s reflected in every action and interaction. Articulate your brand promise well and don’t break it. It is the guiding light.

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