Compost Canada

Compost Canada

Compost Canada came to us as a new start-up looking for some new branding, logos and fresh ideas. We are excited to have this new client with us. Compost Canada is a service that picks up organic waste from commercial and business properties that are pro enviro. Currently municipalities don’t offer organic waste pick-up at commercial sites adding to the growing problem of our landfills filling up at an outstanding rate. With Compost Canada, this waste is now picked up and converted into a usable end product with no strain or increase in taxes. Using our graphic design and branding services, we have crafted a brand that represents exactly what Compost Canada is about – the environment. We are almost complete the Compost Canada website and will post a release once it is live. Compost Canada’s is a service that all businesses should employ and be part of the solution rather then the problem.


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